Ian Gilby

Architectural Associate
NZCD (Arch)

Phone: 07 839 1254

  • NZCD (Architecture)
  • Registered Independently Qualified Person (IQP)
  • Member New Zealand Green Building Council

  • Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (UK)
  • Member of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
  • Member - NZ Structural Engineering Society
  • Member - CCANZ
  • Member - NZSEE

Ian's role is to manage the Technical Design Detailing, Statutory and Regulatory Requirements, Quality Control and Fire Design as it impacts on Documentation.

Ian has been working since 1994 and has developed a great deal of experience in the building design and construction process and has gained a sound understanding of statutory and regulatory requirements, technical designs, fire designs and accessibility solutions. This knowledge enables Ian to contribute to all aspects of the design process including quality control of documentation.

Ian is also competent in the tendering and construction administration process resulting in the delivery of successful quality projects.

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