Macdonald House

Architect Director Glenn McHardie designed this project in a previous position as architect for Creative Arch Ltd in Auckland.

The MacDonald’s wanted a modern home where parents and teenagers could retreat to their own spaces whilst maximising the North facing views of the neighbouring park.

The challenge was the layout and the steep terrain of the site and providing a connection between the landscape and the local fauna.

In order to maximise the home, it was split into three levels allowing it to be stacked to form two main axis. The bedroom and living wings run North to South with the kitchen, study and outdoor living running East to West. Different materials were used to break up the vertical and horizontal forms.

The sense of space has been maximised with high ceilings in living areas with a combination of doors and glazed joinery opening out to the park and nature bush.

Macdonald House

Meadowbank, Auckland



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